September 27, 2016
Upcoming Events:
The ASC's High School Football Coaches Night is here!  Meet the Coaches on Tuesday, September 20th at the Old Dominion Boat Club with a reception at 6:30PM and presentations beginning at 7:15PM.  Don't miss the first ASC event of the 2016-17 membership year!
Sportsman's Club at the Washington National's Game 2015 - L to R: Tom McHugh, Allan Kaupinen, Ratcliff Thomas, Don Hughes, Lang Kaupinen and John R. Duke (President)
High School Football Coach's Night 2015 at the Sportsman's Club - L to R: John R. Duke (President), Bernard Joseph (SSSAS), Tony Verducci(BIHS) and Marc Matthie (TCW)
Athlete of the Month Anna Schumate (BIHS) with L to R: Jon Gullickson, John R. Duke (President), Ratcliff Thomas and David DeSilva (Alexandria Aces)
L to R: Former Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille, Alexandria Sportsman's Club Past President Allan Kaupinen, Alexandria Recreation Department Athletes of the Month, Former Redskin Mike Nelms 
Alexandria Sportsman's Club
ASC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Organization with the mission of promoting athletics and scholastic achievement among Alexandria's youth; and celebrating local sports camaraderie and history.  The ASC is a partner with the Alexandria Community Trust to manage our scholarship fund.

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